Connect to Xero

Connecting to Xero enables payables and receivables transactions to be captured into Luca.

One-Click Xero Integration

1️⃣ Head to “Account” section in Luca, and click on “Link Xero Account”. 👇🏻

2️⃣ Click on “Connect” button will bring you to Xero login.👇🏻

3️⃣ Login to Xero Account to finish connection. 👇🏻

4️⃣ Xero will prompt to “Allow access” from Luca. If you have multiple company on Xero, you can select from dropdown list here.

Note: One Luca account can connect to one company of a Xero Account at a time.

🎉Now you will be able to see your Payables, Receivables from Luca! 🎉

Learn more about Xero

Xero Website:

Security at Xero:

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